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Agriculture; Why To Choose Steel Framed Buildings

Steel framed buildings are used in a wide range of industries, but the one that benefits most from these types of buildings is the agricultural sector. For several years now, the agricultural sector h...

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The Benefits of Steel Buildings

You may be surprised to hear that steel buildings come with a range of benefits, especially when in comparison with more traditional building materials. Steel buildings tend to be much stronger, as we...

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Pro And Cons Of Steel Frames

What are the Pro And Cons Of Steel Framed Buildings? Steel-framed buildings are a popular choice for many construction projects. They provide strength and durability, as well as flexibility. But th...

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Steel Buildings Vs Concrete Buildings

Which Is The Better Material? When it comes to choosing between steel and concrete for your new building, there are many things to consider. From the intended to the structure of the buildi...

Aircraft Hangars in Yorkshire

Do Steel Buildings Need Planning Permission?

We take care of all your needs regarding steel framed buildings. Find out if you need planning permission with Springfield Steel Buildings. Do I Need Planning Permission for a Steel Building? At...

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8 Benefits of Steel Framed Buildings

Steel framed buildings are a great option for anyone in the construction or industrial industry. They offer many benefits that can't be found in other types of outdoor buildings. So, no matter you...

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The Construction process

What are the steps in the construction process? At Springfield Steel Buildings we are trying to make the whole construction process simplified. ...

Sascron Car Supermarket

Sascron - Reading

Leading Designers, Suppliers and Installers of Bespoke Steel Buildings Springfield Steel Buildings are one of the UK's leading designers, suppliers and installers of ...

Steel Erection at Glasgow

Class 7 Valet bays - Glasgow

Springfield Steel Buildings newest project includes a Class 7 Valet bay for one of our regular customers. Steel work has been checked, signed off and erected on one of our latest projects unde...

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VOSA approved MOT Workshop

Springfield Steel Buildings were tasked with providing the steel framed building for our latest project for Free Spirit Car Sales in Leighton Buzzard.  We had been tasked to create a 3 ba...

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Starter Units in Hull

Our latest completed project was to install a 48m x 12m x 4m Steel Framed Building in East Yorkshire. The buildings were being constructed for a local property developer and will be ...

SSB Head Office

Steel Offices Hull

Our latest project has seen Springfield Steel Buildings commence construction of our new purpose built offices in Hull. Springfield Steel Buildings are responsible for the full structural desi...

Aircraft Hangar - The Real Aeroplane Company Ltd

Hangars in Yorkshire

Springfield Steel Buildings latest project is now completed. The project for The Real Aeroplane Company is at their site at Breighton aerodrome in Yorkshire. The building is 24.4m span x 109m in le...

Steel Buildings in Grimsby

Equipment Store In Grimsby

Springfield Steel Buildings latest project for the construction of an engineering production equipment store for Lenzing Fibres Grimsby Ltd in North Lincolnshire. The building is 22m span x 22m in ...

Vehicle Preparation Workshop - Stoke on Trent, Kidsgrove

Vehicle Prep Workshop

Springfield Steel Buildings latest project for a steel vehicle preparation building is now complete for one of our regular customers in Stoke on Trent. This project was constructed on an ...

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Scout Stores

Springfield Steel Buildings latest Steel Building project is now completed in Winchester, Hampshire. The building is to be used as a scout storage building. A building of 13.5m x 5.5m x 2.7m comple...

Workshop Building - Aylesbury

Workshop Building - Aylesbury

Springfield Steel Buildings latest Steel Building project is now complete in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The building will be used as a large bay workshop. A workshop building 30m x 15m x 5.5m high...

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Industrial Units in Reading

Springfield Steel Buildings latest Steel Building project is now underway for Berkshire Van Hire in Reading. The building will be used as Offices and Workshop. Springfield Steel Buildings are actin...

You may be surprised to hear that steel buildings come with a range of benefits, especially when in comparison with more traditional building materials. Steel buildings tend to be much stronger, as well as being much more durable, they are also a lot more sustainable when being compared to other types of construction and buildings. As experts in steel framed buildings here at Springfield Steel Buildings, we take a look at the advantages of steel buildings.


Steel buildings have become a more popular choice as they are very durable and hardwearing. Steel is a strong material and it is able to withstand a range of elements as well as wear and tear. With this in mind, steel buildings are a good option for businesses that require a lot of space and that will stand up to a lot of usages. Steel buildings are also able to withstand the natural elements such as winds and storms, they have been known to work well in natural disasters. 


Steel buildings can be built to a range of sizes, this makes them a more versatile option, especially when it comes to different uses and purposes. Should you need a small steel building for extra space at your home, or do you need a large steel building for the workspace for your business. Whatever your requirements, there is always a steel building that will suit your needs. Steel framed building installations can be customised and include a range of different features, whatever you need from windows and doors to loading bays. 

The Environment

Another benefit that comes with steel buildings is that they are environmentally friendly, steel is a recyclable material so this means that steel buildings can be recycled when they have been used. In comparison to other types of construction, steel buildings are the most sustainable. 


Steel buildings are fireproof so they can withstand fire and won’t burn, this is because steel is a non-combustible element so it won’t ignite and won’t support the burning of other materials. This makes steel buildings a safe option for businesses and other types of use that could be at risk of a fire.

Natural Light and Airflow

Steel buildings provide natural light and airflow, this makes them a lot more comfortable, especially when it comes to using the space for work as this can also help to reduce energy costs. Steel buildings are also a lot stronger and much more durable than traditional construction materials, so they are a great investment when it comes to businesses and property owners. 


Steel buildings are known for being sturdy meaning that they can last a long time, they can have a lifespan of around 50 to 100 years, as long as they are maintained properly. So if you require a building space that will last for a long time, steel buildings are a great option. 

Steel framed buildings will need regular maintenance, this is to ensure their longevity, it’s also important to have the building inspected by a professional as this will help to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Regular inspections by professionals will ensure that you benefit in the long run. Steel lasts so long because it is a very strong material, it can withstand a lot of force and pressure, as well as not corroding or rusting easily. 

Why Choose Steel Buildings?

When considering construction, steel should always be your first port of call, it is strong and long-lasting and can be used for a number of reasons. Steel buildings are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, they are the approved option, especially when considering wood - wood can easily rot and decay especially when it comes to harsh weather conditions. 

Popular Uses for Steel Buildings

Commercial space - steel buildings can be used for a range of commercial uses, from warehouses to factories and workspaces.

Agriculture - steel buildings are popular in this industry as they are strong so are great for storage sheds, barns and greenhouses.

Industrial - steel buildings are common when it comes to the industrial sector, they are often used for warehouses, factories and office space.

Call Springfield Steel Buildings for Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are a popular option and come with many benefits, their durability and longevity means that they are a wise investment for business or property owners. They are also weather-resistant and will stand the test of time when maintained properly. They are also a suitable space for workspace as they are comfortable and allow natural light and airflow. For more information on steel buildings, or should you have any questions about the services that we provide here at Springfield Steel, feel free to contact our team today.


    This is one of the most common questions when it comes to steel buildings - do steel buildings need planning permission? At Springfield Steel, we recommend that you take advice from your local planning authority. You should contact them and arrange a chat about your intended steel building project, this initial meeting should give you a good indication about whether you will get to go ahead for planning permission or not. You can also seek other advice for different areas, sites and locations. 

    The next steps will involve your local planning permission authority letting you make a pre application. This will take around 2 to 3 weeks and you should then find out if your planning application has been approved, the authority can also provide you with information regarding any potential problems, as well as the chance for you to discuss them before you proceed with the application. Sometimes you may be asked to provide an environmental statement alongside your application, you will be advised on this. 

    Permitted Development Rights

    In the majority of cases, steel buildings will require planning permission, but some will be referred to as ‘permitted development rights’, this is where planning permission won’t be necessary. This also goes for industrial buildings, warehouses, gyms, retail and shops. 

    General Planning Rules

    When it comes to planning permission, this will be needed for any new types of commercial buildings - those which are over 4 metres in height. The usual time for planning permission procedures is from 6 to 8 weeks, but all local authorities and councils are different, so some may take a lot longer.

    Temporary Steel Buildings

    This will be needed for temporary steel buildings which are going to be used for over 28 days, sometimes temporary planning permission will be provided for periods of up to 7 years, so it is worth asking for advice on this. 

    Planning permission isn’t required for industrial buildings that are within 10 metres of the area of land surrounding boundaries, it must also not be 5 metres high. A new building isn’t permitted to be taller than 15 metres, the higher the height of the building with the surrounding areas that are lower. The area space of a new building shouldn’t exceed more than 100 square metres, the land outside must also not be over 200 metres.

    Any alterations to existing buildings, planning permission isn’t needed as long as the building isn’t over 5 metres tall, subject to the being within 10 metres of the boundary.

    These are also applicable:

    The development needs to be in the existing boundary of the current building and not come with 5m of the surrounding area land.

    • Should not be within the boundaries of a listed building
    • Not reduce car parking or turning space
    • The new space must relate to the existing use of the building

    You can find the full planning permission regulations for industrial buildings on the UK Planning Portal.

    Steel Buildings and Fire Regulations

    In the UK building regulations will also require that steel buildings maintain their structural stability when exposed to fire. The regulations can vary in the UK but tend to start with steel buildings needing to retain their load-bearing capacity for a reasonable amount of time, this will allow people inside the building to escape. 

    Regulations will vary on the size as well as the use of the building and its position in relation to the property boundary. It’s important that fire can’t spread easily to neighbouring properties. You can find the full details of regulations and approved documents on the Government’s Planning Portal.

    Fire Protection for Steel Buildings

    There has been lots of research when it comes to the behaviour and effect of fire on steel buildings, this has resulted in a lot of fire protection solutions for steel buildings and frames becoming available. 

    Hot rolled steel frames can be treated with intumescent paint, cold rolled steel counterparts will react differently in a fire, this means that the product can’t be coated in intumescent paint. So when it comes to protecting columns, fire protection boards will be needed and they will provide fire resistance of up to 1.5 hours.

    For more information on the planning permission and the fire protection regulations needed for steel buildings, feel free to get in touch with the team at Springfield Steel today. 


      Steel framed buildings are used in a wide range of industries, but the one that benefits most from these types of buildings is the agricultural sector. For several years now, the agricultural sector has been moving towards using steel-framed buildings on their land and across their farms; this increased market has allowed companies such as ours here at Springfield Steel Buildings to expand and grow, giving us a chance to provide the steel-framed buildings that the agricultural world needs.

      Whether searching for steel-framed buildings to house crops after they have been cut, to turn into an open and airy stable building for an equestrian yard or even to house machinery, there are so many options of steel-framed buildings on the market for you to choose from. 

      If you are searching for steel-framed buildings, you are in the right place, especially if you are part of the agricultural sector. Here at Steel Framed Buildings, we have supplied and installed metal framed buildings for several years; all you need to do is get in touch with one of our team members, and from there, we can discuss your exact needs and requirements. Alternatively, continue reading our latest blog post to discover why steel-framed buildings are a must-have purchase in the agricultural world. 

      Are You Looking For A Durable And Strong Building?

      If you have worked on farms or even visited a farm over the last few years, you will notice more and more metal and steel framed buildings cropping up compared to stone or wooden barns; this is because as technology develops, so do the industries. One thing we can now readily bring to the agricultural sector is a steel-framed building which has been made to last the test of time. 

      In 1993, the construction industry began to understand the benefit of steel-framed buildings; they truly can last a lifetime compared to wooden buildings, which were generally used on farms and within agricultural settings. It has been evidenced over time that steel buildings can last, on average, around 50 years! 

      The durability and strength provided by metal and steel buildings come from the fact that they are water-resistant and can be built to withstand strong winds and bitter cold snaps, providing the agricultural sector with a building that will not rot or buckle due to damage from the weather. 

      Furthermore, the way steel buildings are constructed incorporates components being bolted and screwed together in a way that closes any gaps, leaving you with a perfectly secure and water-proof building ideal for storing harvested crops and machinery. 

      Did You Know Steel Buildings Are Fire And Weather Proof?

      When it comes to finding a building material suitable for an agricultural setting, most farmers will focus on the ability to withstand the weather, elements and how fireproof the building is. Having gone through rigorous testing over the years, it has been decided that steel offers one of the most valuable and safe materials for agricultural buildings on the market. Putting the steel through fire tests covering full-scale testing leaves farmers feeling confident it is a suitable material for their buildings. 

      Steel can withstand incredible heat compared to other materials used to make buildings; during these tests, it proved to keep its shape and structural integrity. Along with being able to withstand high temperatures, it is also non-flammable, meaning that should your barn catch fire or the area around it, the fire will not spread. 

      Another aspect considered when choosing the material for farming buildings is that the building must withstand whatever weather elements are thrown at it. It is worth mentioning that steel-framed buildings can withstand wind speeds of up to 120MPH, which in the UK is very rare, so steel-framed buildings offer an excellent option for farmers and agricultural workers. 

      Are You Looking For Easy Maintenance Buildings?

      One of the best reasons we can give you for choosing a steel-framed building for your farm is the minimal maintenance they require. Steel as a material is highly resistant to a range of problems you would face if you used wood, such as pests and water damage, and it has a lifespan that can be double that of a wooden building. Removing the worry of bowing, cracking and more, it is a very easy to maintain building material, reducing any costs you might spend on damage repairs and the maintenance time. 

      Steel Buildings Offer A Budget-Friendly Option

      Depending on the size of your farm or smallholding, you might require a handful of buildings on the property; when you are dealing with wood for the construction of these, it can become incredibly costly. Not only that, but they are costly to maintain and repair or replace when the time comes; they are much more susceptible to weather damage, wear and tear and fire. 

      If you are looking for a much cheaper and budget-friendly option, steel-framed buildings should be your first choice, it provides a long-lasting, low-maintenance building that will not require a lot of money pumping into it over the years. Another reason it is much cheaper to acquire a wooden building is that the construction time is reduced, meaning you will also save money on the installation process. 

      Choose Springfield Steel Buildings For Your Agricultural Properties Today

      Agriculture is a vital industry, and steel-framed buildings are an excellent choice for agricultural applications. If you're looking for a robust and durable building that can handle the unique demands of agriculture, contact Springfield Steel Buildings today! 

      We'll work with you to design and build the perfect steel frame structure for your needs. Having offered steel-framed buildings for several years, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our team members. We are always more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements; simply call us today! 


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