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Mezzanine Floors And Internal Structures

Springfield Steel Buildings can provide everything you need for mezzanine floors; we can offer a functional and cost-effective solution. Not only do we provide a high-quality mezzanine floor, but we can also furnish you with a bespoke mezzanine floor, expanding your existing space!

Expand Your Existing Space With A Bespoke Mezzanine Floor

Optimise your industrial steel building with Springfield Steel Buildings’ bespoke mezzanine flooring solutions.

Expertly designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing facility, our custom-crafted mezzanines expand your operational area and can be applied in virtually any environment, whether you need additional office space above your production area or extra floor space for storage.

Manufactured using high-grade steel, our mezzanine floors are durable and adaptable, suited to a wide range of uses—from office spaces and retail outlets to warehouses and manufacturing plants. Leverage the advantage of vertical space and take your business to new heights.

Our team will conduct a site survey to determine what type of new space you need; during this initial consultation, we will discuss fire rating and whether you need pallet gates and answer any questions you might have!

Choose Springfield for a robust, reliable, tailored solution that meets your requirements. Our high-quality service is not matched, so contact our team for competitive prices on mezzanine flooring; we always offer a cost-effective way to expand your steel building!

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Mezzanine Floors Can Transform Your Industrial Steel Building

Unlock the full potential of your industrial steel building with a state-of-the-art mezzanine floor. Ideal for maximising space and improving operational efficiency, mezzanine floors can dramatically transform your facility into a multi-level powerhouse.

Whether you’re looking to expand storage, create additional workstations, or designate new areas for specialised tasks, mezzanine floors offer a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Suitable for increasing storage in agricultural buildings or expanding your distribution centres, mezzanine floors are the ideal solution!

Made from high-quality steel, these structures are engineered for durability and adaptability, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.

Take your industrial steel building to the next level—literally and figuratively—with a mezzanine floor.

Highly Skilled Mezzanine Flooring Tradesmen

We offer our customers more than just the steel building at Springfield Steel Buildings. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the full construction package, which includes mezzanine flooring.

We employ a vastly experienced team that has many years of knowledge and expertise in both engineering and construction. With the ability to undertake internal and external work confidently, we have worked hard to obtain a consistent quality and reliability reputation.

Our team of highly skilled tradesmen have the experience to undertake all manner of internal or external works. We strive to hand over a quality finished product, on time and budget, to our client.

Our team fully complies with all fire-rated requirements and the installation of CE-marked products, including shelving, warehouse storage and much more!

Mezzanine Flooring
Benefits of Steel Buildings

Benefits Of Steel Mezzanine Floors

Maximise Your Space

Leverage your unused space in your steel building to introduce an extra level, thereby expanding your storage capacity, enlarging your work or production area, extending your dispatch zone, incorporating additional office spaces, or accommodating utilities. The possibilities are limitless.

Skip the hassle of relocating or enduring extensive renovations. You can boost your floor area in just days or weeks, depending on the dimensions of your mezzanine. This swift addition offers the crucial extra spaces you need to facilitate your business expansion.

Each of our designs is custom-fit to your specific space, maximising the utility of your available floor area in order to be economical and useful.

Mezzanine floors do more than expand storage options; they address a broad spectrum of space constraints. Whether you need extra offices, enlarged production or packaging zones, specialised areas for machinery, or additional facilities like kitchens and bathrooms, mezzanines offer a versatile solution. Plus, they effectively double your available working area.

Our Mezz Floor Process

Free Site Survey

We recognise the critical nature of nailing down these specifics to deliver a precise quote and fully comprehend your space and objectives.

Installation And Design Process

We’re proud to collaborate with our team of skilled and proficient installers who excel in delivering mezzanine floors and other features like pallet racking, shelving, ceiling systems, and various partitioning solutions. They work efficiently and courteously to craft the spaces you envision.

Ensure the end design fulfils your immediate needs and aligns with your long-term goals. By optimising your floor area and crafting a functional space that meets compliance standards, we help you maximise your investment. Our technical team utilises CAD design to give you a clear picture of the final product so you’re fully informed before greenlighting the project.

Create Extra Space Cost Efficient

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