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What are steel homes and what are the advantages?

Steel homes are the future of residential development, being a great new way of creating houses as an alternative to brick or wood framing. They bring together their strength and economical attributes to help form an innovative way of making eco-friendly homes, here are some examples of how steel framed homes are the next big thing is real estate development:

  • These steel building homes utilise steel frame walls and a steel framed roof which is able to withstand many environmental factors such as heavy wind or the weight of snow on the roof. This option makes it the safest and strongest option for steel home construction.
  • Steel home cost is not an issue, as steel is the most economical building material available. Using steel to construct a metal home is a sustainable practice, as the steel can always be reused and due to the power of steel, you need less material overall to produce the same building strength as ulterior options.
  • Steel home design is very customisable, having plenty of space to create detailed architectural facades and placing doors and windows almost anywhere. This also means that the building can be extended easily, and even rebuilt at a completely new location! Mezzanine floors can be fitted and rooms can be plotted in any orientation.

What kind of steel frame homes are there?

Steel building homes can be custom fit or prefabricated.. And there’s many benefits to either. Prefab steel homes are quick and easy options to create a place to live, and this means they are cheaper too. They are often preset sizes, which may not include a size that best fits you, and that’s where getting a bespoke option is a better choice. Custom fit solutions are a little more expensive, but it allows you to create and design your home in the way you like, making your steel home aesthetic. 

When building a steel home, you need to make sure you have the required planning permission. We have a page here that talks about how you can get planning permission for your steel home project.


Steel Framed Home Building under construction in the UK
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