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Insulated Aircraft Hangar



Insulated Aircraft Hangar supplied by Springfield Steel Buildings.

Discover the perfect solution for your needs with our Insulated Airplane Hangar. Designed to be the most economical and well performing building possible over the course of 20+ years by a team of qualified structural engineers in accordance with regulation BS5950 Part 5, our steel aircraft hangar uses galvanised, cold rolled steel, which is designed for strength, durability, and reliability.

What can I use an Aircraft Hangar For?

This hangar can be used and applied for all potential aviation applications, whether that be used as aircraft storage, used as a plane workshop or even commercially as an aircraft showroom as we accommodate all requirements. Our steel aircraft hangars boast a great space for aircraft storage and aircraft storing, keeping them secure and private. If you require a custom fit solution that fits perfectly in the space you have, or you require specific roller door sizes, we can provide a customised airport hangar solution free of charge through our quote form.

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What do I get with my Aircraft Hangar?

The Steel Aircraft Hangar Building

  • Cold Rolled Steel Frame, L:17M x W:12.8M x H:5M with a roof pitch of 10 degrees.
  • 1 x Roller Door Opening at 9.8mx4m and 1 x Personnel Door Opening providing optimal space for vehicle and pedestrian access.
  • Rooflights spaced at 1 per bay, providing natural lighting to reduce potential electrical running costs.
  • Kingspan KS1000RW Wall Cladding 80mm in an array of colour options.
  • Kingspan KS1000RW Roof Cladding 100mm in an array of colour options.
  • Plastisol Coated Galvanised Steel Flashings in an array of colour options.
  • Plastisol Coated Galvanised Steel Guttering System designed to collect water and keep your building leak free.
  • All fasteners and fixings for Frame, Cladding and Doors included.

The Extras

  • Technical 2D CAD Drawings and Installation video included.
  • A 4k high resolution 3D visualisation useful for planning application or development advertising.
  • Structural Frame Calculations included.
  • Free Delivery is UK wide, Based in England, Scotland and Wales.


  • This Airplane Hangar is designed for non coastal locations at altitudes up to 100.
  • We can order and supply your building ASAP with a delivery time of 6-8 weeks. If customisations are needed we can provide a quote same-day.
  • All hangers are designed to Industrial Standards BS5950 part 5.
  • All prices Exclusive of VAT and for supply only.

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