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Looking for a ready to install, buy now steel building for sale? Browse our product range of prefabricated steel structures for sale catering to the needs of small workshops, garden buildings and even aircraft hangers, free UK delivery on supply for all, contact us to learn more about installation options or kit building designs in the UK.

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Aircraft Hangar


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Our range of steel buildings and kit buildings for sale are designed to be a perfect solution for any application, being durable and reliable, whether you buy one of our garden buildings, or decide to go for one of our steel hangars for sale. All prices are for supply only, including no delivery fees. If you require installation or a groundworks solution, we can work with you for a more bespoke and customisable steel frame building solution.

Invest today and get your new steel building ordered within 24 hours, no added costs or delays, contact us through the button below with your desired steel building option.

Steel Building For Sale with Kit Building Design in Steel
Steel Framed Kit Building UK

Steel Building Kits

At Springfield Steel Buildings we design prefabricated DIY kit buildings in the UK. These self build workshop kits allow customers to construct their own buildings and is easy to put together for an external company.

These steel frame kits are designed to industrial standards, which means they can be used for many different use cases, such as a workshop kit, a steel shed kit or even a garage kit. We can allow for insulation if needed, to tailor each kit to you.

What Kind Of Buildings Do We Sell?

At Springfield Steel Buildings, we invest our time into supplying and designing the best prefab buildings in the UK, our list of specialised units includes an array of workshops for sale, steel sheds for sale, storage buildings for sale, agricultural buildings for sale.

All of these steel building kits are designed to meet the highest specifications, keeping them strong and versatile for all use cases. This means that whatever requirements you have, we’ll have building for you.

Steel Frame Metal Building Kit Design For Sale

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