What are the benefits of a Springfield Steel Building?

Our steel buildings are made from pre-galvanised cold rolled steel construction designed in accordance with BS5950 part 5.  Our buildings are pre-engineered to your exact dimensions that are transferred from the design office to the factory.  Significant savings can be made in comparison with traditional structures due to innovative manufacturing techniques, low transportation costs and efficient installation techniques.

Could I not just buy a steel building from the internet?

Yes you could, although in buying a steel building from the internet your building will be designed for a general site.  At Springfield Steel Buildings, we do not supply standard “kit” buildings, the buildings are designed fit for purpose for industrial usage, to suite your exact location with regards to wind speed, altitude, terrain and snow loadings.

How can I get architectural drawings for my bespoke steel building?

Springfield Steel Buildings will provide all structural frame calculations for building control approval and provide full engineered drawings; this service is included within our building supply price. Learn More about our Planning services.

How will I know what type of building I require?

Identify what you will want to use your building for; whether it’s for a storage unit, office, workshop or industrial unit etc.  Decide on the size you require with regard to length, width and height.  If you are unsure of any of these areas please contact Springfield Steel Buildings.

Can I customise my steel building?

At Springfield Steel Buildings we pride ourselves on being able to provide what our customer requires, we like the challenge to be able to produce non-standard sheds.  Customers can integrate hip roofs, angled walls, curtain walling systems, mezzanine floors as well as the standard windows, roller doors, access doors, skylights and extensions.

Can I choose the design and colour of my steel building?

We will design your steel building according to your needs and specifications and will discuss it with you all the way through the planning stage.  We will also request confirmation prior to manufacture to make sure you’re getting exactly what you require. You will also be able to choose from an extensive range of finishes and colours that are available.  Learn more about our colour range or alternatively contact Springfield Steel Buildings for further information.

What steps are involved in the construction of a steel building?

We’ll ask you for the dimensions of your steel building, type of roof and interior walls, number and placement of doors and windows as well as exterior finishing materials.
Engineered drawings are then created based upon the design and local building regulations.
Your steel building is then pre-engineered at the factory and shipped to your construction site.
All parts are pre-drilled and ready to be assembled.
After the concrete foundation is poured, construction of the steel building begins.
You the customer will be delighted you have chosen Springfield Steel Buildings and will recommend us as a construction company that has exceeded your expectation.

How long will it take to design my building?

Standard lead times are approximately two weeks for the structural calculations and drawings stage. Upon approval and deposit payment it takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks until the building can be delivered on site.  These lead times are for indication purposes and in certain circumstances can be improved upon.


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