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Ways To Keep Your Steel Building Cool During Summer

Steel frame buildings are extremely durable and long-lasting, but the heat can sometimes be unbearable. Keeping your building cool during the summer is essential for several reasons. Not only can it help with comfort, but it can also help reduce energy costs. If you’re experiencing high temperatures in your steel building, there are several ways you can keep it cool during summer.

Here at Springfield Steel Buildings, our team have been supplying and erecting steel buildings for several years; during this time, we have visited some incredibly hot steel buildings; because of this, we wanted to help you prepare for the upcoming heatwaves!

If you are searching for steel buildings, please contact one of our team members today; we are always more than happy to help you.


Keeping your steel building clean is a great way to save energy and reduce the heat that can build up inside the structure. Dirt and dust trap heat, making it harder for air conditioning systems to keep up with the heat load from outside.

This can also lead to more frequent breakdowns of air conditioners if they don’t have enough ventilation to breathe.


Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your steel building cool during summer. It helps prevent heat from transferring from one place to another, making it feel much more relaxed inside your building.

If you have some extra insulation, it’s worth considering adding it to your walls and roof, as this will help block out all unwanted heat. Insulating your roof will also prevent the sun from beating down on it, which keeps the temperature down inside the building.


Another great way to keep your steel building cool during summer is with fans! Suppose there is no electricity available at your location. In that case, fans can be highly beneficial as they do not use any energy and can generate plenty of airflow without being too noisy or expensive.

Fans work by blowing air across a surface (usually metal) which causes a cooling effect as the air molecules lose energy when they collide with each other – this process is called convection cooling!

Another way to get more air circulation into your steel building is by installing windows. This will allow for natural airflow through your building, which helps ensure there are no hot spots inside. It also increases natural light, which helps create a better environment for people who work inside these buildings all day long.


If you have an air conditioning unit, now is the time to use it! If you do not have one installed yet, now might be the time to consider installing one. Most steel buildings come with built-in vents for air conditioning units, so there is no need for extra installation costs or labour.

You can also opt for portable air conditioners if you need something more mobile than a permanent installation. Ensure your permanent unit is appropriately sized for your space, so it does not waste energy on cooling an empty room or work area.


Roof vent fans are installed directly on top of your steel building and are designed to move air through the building’s vents. The fans use energy-efficient motors that will only exhaust hot air from inside the building, creating a more comfortable environment for that inside. Some models come with automatic shutters that close when there is no wind to force air through them and open when there is wind. This ensures that you do not waste energy keeping your building cool when it isn’t necessary.

Installing ventilation ductwork in your steel building will allow hot air to escape from inside, keeping your office space comfortable during those hot days when it’s too warm to work comfortably indoors.


Install solar panels – Solar panels absorb heat from the sun and turn it into energy for your building. They also help eliminate excess heat inside your structure, making it more comfortable for everyone inside.

If you have enough space available on your roof, consider adding solar panels that will help keep the inside of your building cool.


If you need a steel building used in the summertime, it is essential to consider how you will keep the building cool. Springfield Steel Buildings can provide several ways to keep your steel building cool during the hot summer. Whether you have a commercial steel building or a steel building extension, we are here for you!

We have years of experience and would love to share our knowledge. Contact us today for more information on keeping your steel building cool; you can even speak to our time if you are looking for a brand new steel building; we specialise in a range of options; give us a call today for more information!

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