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The UK’s leading designers, suppliers, and installers of bespoke steel extensions. All steel structures include structural calculations and drawings.

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We are leading designers, suppliers and installers of quality CE-rated cold-rolled and cold-formed steel building Extensions. We supply and install steel-framed and steel-frame extension buildings nationwide to your specifications. Why choose regular and traditional brick frames when you can choose steel frame extensions?

As often is the case with building extensions, attention to detail is the key so that the extension appears to be part of the original design. This often means selecting the finished materials to match the colour of the existing steel buildings and the profile finish of the cladding and building system.

Springfield Steel Buildings has a vast network of suppliers to enable us to select the materials needed to match and enhance your extension. From the building material to the insulation materials, we will provide a practical solution and the exact specifications for your extension.

The steel building extension can accommodate a mezzanine floor to enhance your requirements further and provide an economical solution where space is at a premium.

Why cold-formed steel? Cold-formed steel is a highly efficient and sustainable choice for construction, offering superior strength-to-weight ratio, precise dimensional accuracy, and long-term durability, making it an ideal material for innovative and cost-effective building solutions.

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Steel Framed Extensions and Buildings from Springfield Steel Buildings.

We advise on every aspect of a construction project from the planning stage to ensure your bespoke building project is carried out without any complications.

Our construction workers are all full-time employees, supervised by a working foreman. Our health and safety standards are why we have a long-established and solid client base with regular national and international orders. Many of our clients are blue-chip companies that require the best health and safety, and we are often asked to provide our services in live working environments.

Unlike home extensions, we provide steel frame buildings for commercial companies; whether you want your new space designed off-site or the prefabrication off-site, our friendly team can provide you with the steel frame extensions that suit your needs, all at lower costs than other steel frame extension companies!

All our steel erectors and cladding operatives are full-time employees trained and knowledgeable in the safe, correct construction of our innovative steel frame buildings. All Site operatives are CSCS certified with competence in using Mobile Elevated Working Platforms and telescopic forklifts. Site supervisors have all passed the CITB – SSSTS and have attended a three-day emergency first aid course.

Structural Calculations & 3D Design Included

Our estimating department can produce a 3D design and detailed free, no-obligation quotation for your bespoke building within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.

They will work through the design phase to realise your requirements. Your steel frame extensions will be designed to your exact specifications with regular contact.

Through the process, we will advise on budget changes and offer value-engineered solutions to achieve value for money. Our team will provide a fixed price for your project and advise on what is and is omitted; similar to a home extension, we will get you to approve the plans we design before we go ahead and build your steel frame extensions!

We will save you the expense of architects and structural engineers at the costing stage as our drawings can be used for planning applications. All our structures come complete with structural calculations for the frame, which will be required for building regulations.

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What are the main advantages of using steel frame extensions?

The main advantages of steel frame extensions include their exceptional strength and durability, offering a longer lifespan than traditional materials.

The initial cost of steel frame extensions can be higher compared to traditional materials like timber or concrete. However, this is offset by long-term savings.

Steel frame extensions can be highly customised to meet specific project needs. The versatility of steel allows for a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes, making it suitable for various architectural styles and functional requirements.

The typical lifespan of a steel frame extension can exceed 50 years, depending on environmental conditions and the quality of construction. Steel is known for its durability and resistance to various factors like corrosion, pests, and fire, contributing to its long lifespan.

Steel frame extensions require a solid foundation to secure the structure and detailed plans for fabricating steel parts. They also require proper insulation and waterproofing to ensure energy efficiency and durability. Skilled labour is essential to assemble the prefabricated parts accurately. Regular maintenance includes checking for corrosion and structural issues. Compliance with local building codes and regulations is necessary to ensure safety and legality.

A steel frame extension is generally stronger and more durable than traditional brick extensions. It allows for larger open spaces with fewer supports and can be constructed more quickly due to prefabrication, causing less disruption. Steel extensions are also better at resisting fire and can be more energy-efficient with proper insulation. In contrast, brick extensions take longer to build and can be more labour-intensive but offer a traditional look that some may prefer. Overall, steel frames are more flexible, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

The Advantages of Steel Frame Extensions

There are many advantages of having a steel frame extension installed, including the following:

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