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Portal Frame Buildings

The Majority of the Steel Buildings that we design are Portal Framed Buildings. They are made from pre galvanised cold rolled steel or traditional hot rolled beams or a mixture of both.  They are designed in accordance with BS5950 part 5 or BS EN 1993-1-3:2006. This means all of our buildings are built to individual specifications using extremely strong high tensile steel and the portal frame methodology.  

Portal frame methodology means the connections between the columns and the rafters are designed to withstand bending moments. Because of these strong and rigid joints, some of the bending moments in the rafters are transferred to the columns.

This means that the size of the rafters can be reduced or the span can be increased for the same size rafters. This makes portal frames a very efficient construction technique to use for clear span buildings.

For the customer, portal frame methodology means that less steel is needed for larger spaces. This reduces both material costs per square foot, installation costs whilst reducing construction times; giving you better buildings in less time at lower cost.

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Cold Rolled Steel Buildings

Cold rolled steel is more economical than hot rolled steel when used as a portal frame design, due to the amount of steel used. The cold rolled steel is produced with a galvanised finish to protect it from rust. You won’t need to apply any further treatments.

The cold rolled sections within the building have a warranty of up to 25 years, but will last for up to 30+ years.

Cold rolled steel is also lightweight, as the components are assembled together onsite. This means there are cost savings in the manufacturing process, transportation costs, and installation on site. Due to the structure being lighter than traditional hot rolled steel buildings; costs are usually saved on the groundworks element of the contract.

On a traditional hot rolled buildings it may be necessary to pile the foundations leading to expensive groundwork cost. When using a cold rolled steel building a raft foundation could be designed thus saving our clients thousands of pounds.

Cold rolled buildings are ideal for workshops, storage buildings, industrial units, car show rooms where the structure is not asked to perform any other function.

Hot Rolled Steel Frame and Mezzanine Floor

Hot Rolled Steel Buildings

Hot rolled steel buildings are manufactured with many different weights of steel from 13 kg/m to 388 kg/m depending on its use. This steel is usually shot blasted and painted or galvanised to prevent rusting and to prolong life.

Hot rolled buildings will last for 40 – 60 years so you’ll get plenty of use from your building.

Hot rolled buildings are ideal for farm buildings and heavy industry where the frame may have loadings against the side walls or gantry cranes are used.

Here at Springfield Steel Buildings we can provide a competitive quotation for either a cold rolled steel building or hot rolled steel building, we will always provide a value engineered solution for the customer for there building requirements.

So if you're looking to invest in a building with a company that has a reputation for supplying high quality Steel Buildings on a national basis, please contact Springfield Steel Buildings or give us a call on 01482 304504.


Hot Rolled Steel Frame and Mezzanine Floor


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